The program…

 My lesson program offers both individual and group lessons, as well as internship opportunities. You may choose to bring your own horse, or use one of my highly trained lesson horses.  

One of the biggest differences between our program and others, is that you will learn the “why” behind the instruction. You will learn about the philosophy, psychology, and mechanics that support the skills taught, rather than those skills being based solely upon the opinion and personal experience of the instructor. 

Using demonstrations and clear, concise explanations, topics are broken down into a step by step process that allows you to learn at your own pace and thoroughly understand each maneuver before moving to the next. This process helps you to develop the proper feel and timing needed to execute more advanced horsemanship maneuvers. 

My program was developed for all skill levels and disciplines. Clients include beginner through advanced riders, recreational horseman, and those who compete at the highest levels of their discipline; both English and Western.

I offer instruction in groundwork, foundation through advanced horsemanship, colt starting, and much more!  

Some topics that I frequently work on with clients include:

~ On the Ground ~                                                                                ~ Under Saddle ~

Trailer loading                                                                                      Moving and stopping the horse in all gaits       

Gaining the horses respect and attention                                             Stopping in an emergency

Troubleshooting saddling and bridleing                                               Gaining confidence in the arena and on the trail

Picking up the feet for the farrier                                                         Building responsiveness to subtle cues

Standing to be mounted/dismounted                                                   Refining circles, serpentines, and turnarounds

Preperation for cues under saddle                                                        Engaging the hindquarters during transitions

Creating softness and responsiveness                                             Lateral work including leg yields and haunches-in

Practicing feel and timing Collection and balance for advanced maneuvers

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